Wednesday, April 2, 2014

Week 40

Yes! heard about Anna's call to Rome - awesome, she'll do great!
Can't wait to hear from her and Lauren.

So the Asian face. we call it here "bu hao yi si" basically means they are too polite and nice to tell you they don't want anything to do with religion. So you'll be meeting with folks for a month before they finally tell you they like bai bai -ing (worshiping ancestors). Honestly the whole family thing is kind of used as an excuse. They try to make it a big deal so you think they would love the whole forever families doctrine right? nope. They go for the "no other success can compensate for the failure at home". Most people just do it out of tradition. They don't know why, they just do it, and life seems good enough for them. They have food so they are happy (or think they are). Honestly as far as teaching them I just talk to everyone and whoever will listen I keep going.  So we may see more rejection, but the people that don't run away, or yell at us in Taiwanese, stick around and are actually good investigators. So that's pretty much what I and the whole mission are doing besides teaching English.
Me and Elder Thornley

Nothing too new on my end. Its warm here. Like the summer is going to be rough. I was already sweating and dying and its only spring. The name of the game now is to not have yellow shirts by the end of august. Don't worry I'm washing them frequently! Elder Thornley and I are both still here in LuZhou. Though its weird. There are already six people from my generation who are now training people! Elder Rasmussen from my last area, he was always going places (Princeton man), and Sister Tracy and Sister Thornley! So happy for them!

Please know my companion and I spent like 10 minutes starting at the iPad picture that you sent from the Sister's iPad in our home Ward there in Virginia. That would be so all the work and coordination is done for them...We have to hand write all of our stuff...and use paper! Can't wait to get some technology.

Yeah I used the skin products you sent for like 2 weeks, and my acne just kept getting worse and worse. I changed back to some cheap face wash I found here, almost immediate difference.

I knew you guys were due for a crazy snow storm this Spring but I had no idea it was to be so many. Here is nice, this week is supposed to be sunny and 80's! which actually stinks with dark pants on...but seems that spring is here, and summer is coming fast! and its probably going to be a hot one. Got me a 2L bottle so I don't get dehydrated.

Classic sitting on the bridge picture
Thanks for asking but you really don't have to send an Easter package! My birthday and Easter are super close so just do one package if you must. Though if a package is coming, can you please send my electric shaver (and power cord)? It'd save me lots of time...and pain.

We are trying to go to families and members here and help them create a family mission plan (focus of the training with President Day). Should be interesting! As far as investigators go, Chen Di Xiong - If he had a baptismal interview he would pass, he just has a huge issue with tithing. He asked if it would ever change -_- so we are going to be working on faith this week.

My district here, I am the youngest (time in the field) missionary. Only one person from my MTC district is in my Zone but its okay, I like getting to know new people! Though this week ends the transfer!

Hope you all are well. Miss you and love you lots!

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