Thursday, June 26, 2014

Week 52! One Year! - Over the Hump!

Photo-Bomb from Taiwan!
Size - It Is a Difference

Thank you for all the pictures! my companion and I had a good laugh at all the life size cut out. Weird that its already happened. looked fun though! and everyone is still alive and friends!

Only transfer news is we find out this Wednesday if someone is moving. First time in my mission I hope we don't change...therefore I'll move haha

Glad trek was fun! Glad your family was great. My family was a bunch of stinkers and 'debbie downers'. Don't worry, it rained the whole time for me too. My family was pretty happy I was in their family when they realized I was the one who reinforced all the tents and made sure they were water/rain safe.

Weird the front of the house is going to be all different - I can't believe all the work you guys are having done to the outside.

Nothing new here. Still in Lu Zhou. Gonna be here for 1/4 of my mission. That's crazy. What is even scarier is that it could be longer. Next transfer 31 new missionaries are coming to Taiwan. President Day said that a total of 3 companionships in the mission would not be training a new missionary. IF I end up training here, I'll be in Lu Zhou for like 9 months...This place feels TINY!!!

Other news we finally had someone come to church!!! :D prayers for Sister Liao are always appreciated.

Other than that nothing new... Same old same old. Feels weird I will have been gone for a year this week. Definitely hit my mid life crisis. I'm now an "older missionary". Feels weird I'm on the down hill slope of things now - the language is second nature now and it's true what others say - I even dream in Chinese.

Anyways miss you all and love you all lots! Thank you for sending me stuff! Hope you all have a great (and finally relaxing) week/summer!

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