Monday, December 30, 2013

Week 27

Thank you so much for getting all the pictures from my “homies” Great to know I’m in their thoughts at Christmas!

"a river runs through it"
Skype worked! Yea! Kind of an empty interesting feeling afterward, but once I got back into doing all the work we have here all I could remember was that I was lucky enough to see all of you and talk to all of you.  Something that surprises me - I hate doing nothing…One day we had some down time and I just knew I needed to be doing something, before I knew it, I was actually shaking I was so uncomfortable not doing anything.

The Taiwan member that let me use his laptop to communicate with you is Zhu Di Xiong.  He just came back from his mission. He is super nice and a strong member. I know you guys want to send him something to say thanks and I tried to hit him up and see if there is anything he would want from the USA, but he caught on pretty quick to what I was doing and shied away…I'll think of something.

So you guys overheard me talking with Zhu and you were impressed with my language skills - that’s only because he speaks really slow so I can keep up : ) Yes the language is...still coming. But I think about where I was 6 months ago, and well its improving so that is the goal right?

This week was certainly interesting. Our English class is down to just a few people and our service projects have slowed way down too - so I guess we have lots of time trying to find people. Anyways we still are working very hard.  I seem to have a collection of badges now...changes in the format throughout the mission...I prefer the bi-lingual ones at the top and I think these are the ones we'll stick with.

The next time I email I will be in my 4th transfer on island. Time is really flying. It does go by faster the more you do the work though.

I hope the trip to the temple goes well! Thank you for selling my motorcycle and transferring me the money for all the rest of my unused dongxi (stuff) that you sold.

I hope you all have an absolutely amazing New Year and set good New Year’s goals!! Have an amazing week!

Sunday, December 15, 2013

Week 25

Elder Dickson's Ward family back home sent him some Christmas wishes!

Monday, December 9, 2013

Week 24

Thanks for the picture of the snow you're having at home...snow...I miss snow...though it is still warm here so I can't really complain...still not sure how calling home at Christmas works. President Day is his weekly letter sent out a statement about all the rules, but not how it works. I'm sure he'll explain when we are at our Christmas party.

Yes "Lee Meow" is how Miaoli sounds - thanks for setting the bar higher! I haven't heard of the  flying cow ranch, but I'll ask around.
The Western Side Is Still Tropical

Really neat that NHK news reported on Taidong last week. Taidong does have a lot of yuan zhu min (native) people there. They are pretty cool, kind of strange clothes, amazing rituals, some of the folks there are really scary and carry pointy sticks and knives everywhere they go. Their food is a lot like Hawaiian food.

I'm glad the sister missionaries are really hitting you up. As a missionary let me warn you, if you give a missionary an inch they will include you in everything they do - well a lot of them will.

Early November was a rather rough time for me. Everything was going wrong and yeah one day I just had a total break-down. The letter I sent was from the beginning of that day, so yeah I am much better now, so have no worries. Yes the blessed wonderful miraculous ever spectacular talent show is pending for December I hope you could feel the sarcasm from that : ) Luckily you have to sign up and Sister Day is the one in charge so she'll make sure it is strict and to the rules, so there won't be any crazy surprises. As far as Sunday pasta day goes - I don't cook for everyone in my new area - yet.

This week was kind of the same as always. Like I hope you realize how much everyday feels the same. I think that is the most frustrating part in missionary work is the feeling that I am reliving a day over and over again. All that and it feels like nothing is even happening. This coming week should be busy though. Lots of meetings
Elder Dickson with President and Sister Day
and conferences and stuff - a little ironic cause all the meetings are about improving to be better missionaries!  I am using this time to learn what I can, see what works and what doesn't, so when I am running the show, it'll well run.

This past week, just lots and lots of finding. lots of talking to people, which I still am getting used to. I live with three other people, and having another person around me at all times...well lets just say I have been trying to create moments where I at least feel alone, but nothing works so far.

Here is a list of movies I wish I could watch but can't:
A Christmas story
Its a wonderful life
The Grinch
The Santa Clause
Jingle all the way

I hope you all enjoy these and be sure to watch them for me. I miss you all and love you all lots. Hope you have a good week!

Monday, December 2, 2013

Week 23

Sorry I forgot to bring my camera to the internet café' this morning...haha long story of a sleepy companion, and me forgetting from being tired of waking up all night thinking I was going to vomit (no worries I didn't, just an over zealous Sister in the ward made us way too much food, and every time we would stop eating she would say (hai mei chi wan le!) meaning there was still food there to eat. oh man I felt so so sick...)

New Chapel

Miao li is as far west and south as you can get from Taipei, so once again I have to wait for someone to be going to the mission office so they can bring back our mail. Two people went the beginning of this week, so I guess your packages haven't come yet. I will get to go to the office on the 14th, so at the latest that is when I will get them. Thank you so much for sending whatever are in the boxes through! Chocolate here is really expensive, and after moving all my stuff and myself - I think I traveled as far possible in the mission - it cost a lot of money for trains and transfers, plus I like to save my money for haha

Oh man I miss Christmas so much! Its actually pretty chilly here right now though - well like 50 degrees, but super wet and super windy - doesn't add up to happy missionaries or happy Taiwanese. I really wish I could watch Christmas movies though - no one here celebrates Christmas - even the members are like "eh" about it. I'll send pictures of everything soon, as far as pictures of the apartment I don't know if I can, just like I'm not allowed to tell you the address. I'll find out.

Glad to hear lots of people are over for Thanksgiving! My Thanksgiving was....well non-existent as most USA holidays are here. So I know how Jillian must feel as she celebrated while working in the hospital. I miss watching TV though, so just remember that I haven't done it in two years when I get back, so I have an excuse to watch a lot - and sleep. I don't feel like I have gotten a good nights rest in 5 months. Crazy I passed the 5 month mark on my mission, and have been in Taiwan for over 3 months - absolutely nuts how fast time goes - trying to make the Lord's time count so I'm still focused.
New ovens?! I just learned how to use the old ones! But if you are buying new appliances for the house I don't imagine you all are moving anytime soon, so it works for me. As far as the office, I can use it! in 1 year and 7 months haha

Interesting that you guys get NHK News there and as far as the Taiwan special reports that you mentioned, remember what they show you....and then remember I am also on a missionary budget. So when I get back home like everything is going to be super nice. USA has a waaaaay higher than average standard of living. Though like every single person here has iPhones - even if they don't have running water - so I guess that was their choice. I hope my family will all come back and visit after I return and I can show you all around, don't worry though, it isn't too gross as long as you BYO-TP.
Miao Li (Lee Meow)

Companionship is working great. My companions last companion and he didn't really get along - so right now we are weeding through lots of stuff that kinda slipped through the cracks because they were dealing with that. Elder Chen thinks he is going to leave after this transfer which would mean I'd have to know the place pretty well. But still working hard! so have no worries!

Miss you all and love you all much! Let me know if you have any questions!
Oh also thank you for the long underwear - that totally saved me this past week!