Monday, March 3, 2014

Week 35

Thanks for sending the picture of 'getting the band back together' - Haha its good to see all those guys are still going. and I can't wait to see those videos of dad playing the drums!

Why so much snow in DC? and why couldn't that have happened while I was there? Oh well hope it isn't too bad.

Emails and letters, would love to get a few more emails - my email is still

Thank you for the package! I really try not to be too needy but chocolate always helps!
Thanks for sending the acne stuff, but no guarantees. With all the stress, sweat, oily food, and lack of time, it'll have a lot to fight against. If all else fails, we can just nuke it when we get back.

Trying to send a picture, its hard as every internet café' place is different and I'm still trying to figure out where I can insert the SD card from the camera, but we took a few pictures today that should get to you.

The work is going well.  People here are either hot or cold - no in between, either they want to hear about our Lord and Savior or they do not makes it easier to figure out where to spend your time and His.

One of the people we are working with 'CDX' had an awesome experience, well we did too. I have been really bad about praying for investigators and their specific needs, I just usually pray about their efforts in general so I really tried to work on that all this past week. We went in to talk to him about prayer and how we can pray for anything and Heavenly Father will help us. So we had an appointment with him earlier this week and he let us know that he has been struggling to find a job (he has been for a while), and one day he just really prayed for help. He said pretty much right after praying his phone rang, got an interview, and then got a job the very next day! Needless to say my comp and I had our jaws drop more than just a little. It was really cool. His prayers weren't the only ones that were answered!

Elder Holland's visit was incredible. Notes from my mission President are at the bottom.
Hope you all have a great week and that the snow doesn't get you too bad! I miss you all very much, and love you even more! Stay warm!

A Letter From My Mission President This Week 
Is there any question in anyone’s mind that having an apostle of the Lord visit our mission is one of the Miracles of February?
Elder Holland shared with me that he was very impressed with each of you.  Your singing of “Hark, All Ye Nations” as Elder and Sister Holland, Elder and Sister Wilson, and Elder and Sister Hallstrom entered the Cultural Hall where you were assembled touched each of them deeply.  You heard how Elder Wilson mentioned your singing brought tears to his eyes.  You were an impressive sight.
Many thanks to each of you who arrived on time, waited patiently to sing and then have your picture taken.  Everything went off without a hitch, and Elder Holland commended each of you for how you acted and performed.
I know that each of you felt their Spirit as you shook the hands of these General Authorities and their wives. They commented on how appropriately you conducted yourselves and the mighty spirit they felt from you.
It was impressive to see all you rise as these great men and their wives entered the chapel and took their seats on the stand.
The Mission Conference started a little later due to no fault of ours, and originally, Elder Holland intended to finish the meeting at 8:00 p.m. as originally planned.  I sent him a note in the middle of the meeting asking him to stay as long as the Spirit directed because I knew that each of our missionaries wanted to be fed by him.  I know that he could feel  your desires as I plead on your behalf, and as he handed the note to  his wife, I saw some tears come to his eyes.  As you know, he stayed to 8:30 to feed you.
And I know you were not disappointed.
I know that you will never forget the testimonies of Elder and Sister Wilson and Elder and Sister Hallstrom as they testified about the nature of Elder Holland’s apostolic calling.
I know that you will always remember the sweet testimony of Sister Holland and her declaration to you that “you are the greatest miracle” even “greater than the parting of the Red Sea.”
And I know that the words of Elder Holland, spoken directly to you, individually and collectively, will be forever engraved upon your hearts.  Many of you were taught by his words, but as I watched your faces and the tears streaming from your eyes, I know that many of you were taught even more by the Spirit that he brought and what you felt.
Here are a few things I wrote in my notes concerning Elder Holland’s remarks. I know that many of you have much, much more:
·         “We only send the world’s best to Taiwan.”
·         “We didn’t get up this morning and decide to come here and share a fairy tale.”
·         “Don’t go home with any regrets.”
·         “I want you for the rest of your life to feel like I did about my mission.”
·         “This is real life.  You will never come closer to real life than right here.”
·         “You are on an ascending curve.”
·         “Everything you want for your investigators, He wants for you.”
·         "You are to take interested people from the Sacred Grove to the Garden of Gethsemane.”
·         “When we shake your hands we interview you.”
·         “I know that the Taiwan Taipei mission is poised for the hastening of the work.”
·         “Why is this so hard?….Because salvation is not a cheap experience.”
·         “God never intended a mission to be easy.”
·         “It cannot be easy for you because it was never easy for Him.”
·         “A little bit of your mission must be spent lugging a cross.”
·         “The road to salvation goes through the Garden of Gethsemane.”
·         “Don’t think you’re going to have a picnic in Taiwan.”
·         “You have to sign on for the whole experience.”
·         “Don’t spend time wondering why your mission is hard.”
·         “You are being shaped and molded into disciples of Christ.”
·         “Difficulties will make you more like the Son of God.”
·         “Your family has you on a pedestal.”
·         “you are the most prayed over group in the Church”
·         “Everyone wants their children to grow up and be just like you.”
·         “We’ll absolutely change the world.”
Take these words and ponder them - and let’s absolutely change the world.

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