Sunday, November 10, 2013

Week 20

I am glad you two are keeping busy! Empty Nesters - sounds a little creepy - personally I didn’t care for the group FHE’s at school and that’s what it sounds like to me.

So happy that Catoctin Ward finally has sister missionaries - they are always special. You should really try to do what they say!

The work here and what you have been reading, well yup pretty much true.  Way cool that a Taiwan RM came and spoke to the High Council this week and I have seen the scroll picture on the life of a convert that he showed you - it is a cool picture, and I always loved it.

Camilla’s mission call! I already knew. Her email didn’t send right away though, so I had to wait for it before reading anyone else’s email because I knew everyone else would tell me (as if I don’t email her), so that’s why I was late in sending you all an email. Camilla’s call is super great and I am incredibly psyched for her! It looks like she'll get back like a month and a half after me, but that may mean she may get back too late to make it to the fall semester at BYUH, but we have time to figure that out…

Snail Trail Up My Pant Leg : (
This week was harder than most. We didn’t meet any of our goals. All of our people from the tsunami are no longer meeting with us so it’s pretty much constant rejection. It was crazy hard to stay positive this week, however I really love to look at the things the numbers don’t tell. One of my favorite members (who I guess doesn’t count as a less active anymore : ) is receiving the Aaronic priesthood, and one of our investigators actually passed their baptismal interview so there is good but still an amazingly hard week.

Crazy thought though that I might be leaving Taidong soon but only the Lord knows, but still this is all I know of missionary life in the field and I’ve come to really love the people we work with.  The picture with the ‘snail trail’ is after an impromptu service project we worked on, and I think he was hitching a ride because it was too wet for him as well.  The other photo is from a place called Sam’s Burger. The one I ordered is called the "Big Hungry Now" it is three beef patties and six strips of bacon - yes my pants still fit!
Sam's Burgers - Triple with Bacon!

Thanks for always asking if I need anything. My shoes should be good for a bit longer. Probably will make a great birthday present though! I told Jillian about an herbal tea (dong gua cha) which won’t be too hard to send back home so that and the scroll - I’ll see what I can do.
The members think Elder Allred is leaving after this transfer, and they love him to death, so they (and very nice of them) keep taking us missionaries places on pday, which are actually really fun, but that means I'll have less time to get this stuff, but I will try - just don’t be too bummed if it gets there later than Christmas!
Taidong is honestly looking up, and hopefully lots of people we can teach coming up!

We too are hoping for a white Christmas - because we believe!  Love Elder Dickson.

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