Monday, September 30, 2013

Week 14

Nǐ hǎo wǒ de jiārén!
Great to find a diner that at least tries to be “American” : )  Actually good fries and burgers.

Great Diner
 We have a bunch of people committed for the middle of October, and its getting pretty close so please pray that they will make it.

I got a letter from you guys - yea! We actually had to go up to Taipei as we had some training sessions so I figured I'd just pick it up there as they always forget us in Taidong. Well as it turns out the mission office had just sent our mail down the day before and as I got to Taipei so all my mail got to Taidong when I was in the North - still waiting on your package.

No zone conference this past week, but it’s coming up this week, so be prepared for pday to get switched around.

Muggers : )
The other day when we went to an investigators house we got mobbed by Taiwanese kids. It wasn’t all too fun because I wasn’t sure how much they were playing around or seriously trying to mug us…It was all in good fun though and they kinda jacked our cameras for a bit so I’m sending the picture they tried to take (not too good).  My companion had already gone in, and as I was still trying to get my bike to not fall over (kickstand is horrendous) and I ended up having kids on each limb pulling me down.  As I want to be an obedient missionary I tried telling them that they can't climb on me, but they just thought it was part of the game, so they started trying to rip me apart even more. Finally my companion realized I was gone, and came out of the house and saw me struggling and almost died laughing - finally they let go.
My "typical" lunch

Hope all is well back home and that you all have an amazing week! Enjoy the fall!

Love Elder Dickson

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