Sunday, September 8, 2013

Week 11 - Taidong

Sad to hear about Cassie the cat, but she did have a long life.

There are six Elders in our apartment and we attempt to fit into a four “Asian-size” person place - kind of reminds me of college!  Showering is like in the movie elf when Buddy is using the bathroom at the North Pole - we don’t fit in the tub or shower and have to get all contorted to get all parts wet.

I know, I know - I’ll send more pictures but I don’t have the right cord at the moment so please be patient in thine afflictions! We have to go to some basic "internet cafe" (because those still exist here) and it’s really not that up-to-date so I really am trying! Please don’t move and not tell me as punishment!

Yes Sister Gummow is in my district! We had like a branch BBQ last Sunday and I met her.  I have my own bike now and it’s great. It arrived when my companion and I were out working and luck would have it that the shortest elder in our district had to get it, so he was riding this giant massive bike so it was pretty funny.

Letter? I got one around the same time I got the package if that’s what you are asking, roundabout the time when we first got to Taiwan nothing after that.
I know Mom asked what happens in an emergency being this far away from the mission office but -Jiayou! (good luck), actually we have a hospital like two minutes right down from our apartment, and when we were contacting around there, it actually looks really nice.

As far as fast food there is a McDonald’s close by and it’s like actually really nice here, so unless a person we are teaching takes us there we don’t really go because it’s expensive. There is an American style diner nearby. I was very happy to order a giant quesadilla, bottle of sprite, and giant plate of French fries, for less the 150 kuai (5$) - eating out is so great.  For breakfast I’ve just been making peanut butter sandwiches. For some reason I’ve recently really started liking peanut butter and moon cakes which is weird. 

The rain the first week was just a fluke, it’s actually beautiful like every day - though I need to get some sunscreen because I don’t want to burn.  It supposed to be like this all winter too!

A family picture would help a lot when we meet with people family is a great starting point in our discussions so in the next package if you wouldn’t mind sending a hardcopy of our fam that would be great!

Our area is the biggest in the Taipei mission, and maybe the largest in both Taiwan missions. I finally understand what “uphill both ways” mean! My legs kill me every night, but it has the benefit as every other area after this will be a piece of cake.

Love you all so very much, and miss you all even more! Can’t believe I’m already on month 3 - That’s pretty crazy!
Love from your Elder.

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